Mt. Calvary Primitive Baptist Church -

To the Mt. Calvary Primitive Baptist Church Family. Thank you for your prayers, love, kindness, support and encouragement you have shown to my wife  and I since we came to you January 2016. I am truly humbled.  I promise to always and forever live a godly life, preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and set examples for you. I thank my heavenly Father that he counted me worthy to be his servant. I am truly grateful to have been selected by you to serve as your pastor.

I am excited to find Mt. Calvary committed to loving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and each of you have shown a willing, working spirit for the Lord. All powers are  in the Lord’s hands and I am just his servant called to proclaim, teach his word and to love his people.  Sister Colson and I are committed to serving each of you always with love and respect.  It has been  a loving  pleasure getting to know each of you. 

Like Jeremiah the Prophet; the word of the Lord is like a fire shut up in my bones- and it must come out! The past seven and a half months have been an inner revival for my soul as well as a renewing of my mind. I am sold out on Jesus Christ, the greatest name I know!
Lets get busy for the Lord Mt. Calvary!

My sincere Thanks, Love and Prayers,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Elder Charles Alonzo Colson, Pastor