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 Auxiliaries & Ministries


Daryl L. Chaver​s, Sr., Chairman

Deacon Wilfred Chavers, Vice Chairman

Senior Deacon~Albert Byrd 

Deacon Sylvester Green



Elaine Henry Chavers

Betty Carter 


Sandra Baggett President

Debra Burns ~Vice President

Denise Chavers ~Secretary

Katie Frye

Sharon Peters

Superannuated Mothers

Hardwick Walker



Essie Green - President

Contrilla Jones ~Vice President

Louise Marshall

Odell Frye

Cameron Henderson

Lillie Gray

Melinda Parker

Christine Goldwire

Daryl L. Chavers, Sr., Assisting

Church School

Wilfred Chavers- Superintendent

Denise Chavers - Secretary

Sylvester Green - Teacher

Hardy Byrd- Teacher

Debra Burns - Teacher

Sandra Baggett - Teacher


Church's Administration Officers

Elaine Henry~Chavers - Clerk

Kalisha Staten~Secretary


Lady Lakendra Green~Reporter

Dana Gilcrease  ~Alternate

Finance Committee

Daryl L. Chavers, Sr.

Wilfred Chavers

Hardy Byrd -Treasury Secretary

Constance Lee ~ Assistant Treasury Secretary

Denise Chavers ~Finance Secretary

Trustee Board

Sylvester Green - President

Hardy Byrd

Katie Frye

Denise Chavers

Miriam Walker

Building Superintend

Denise Chavers

Debra Burns


Programs & Events:

Elaine Henry-Chavers

Pastor's Administrative Assistant

Elaine Henry-Chavers

Benevolent Ministry

Deacon Wilfred Chavers

Elaine Henry-Chavers~Secretary


Evangelistic Outreach Ministry

Elaine Henry-Chavers

Website Design

Elaine Henry-Chavers


Youth Ministry

Debra Burns~ President

Denise Chavers - Vice President

Kalisha Staten

Constance Lee

Lakendra Green

Wilfred Chavers- Assisting

Hospitality Ministry

Hardy Byrd - Chairperson

Constance Lee - Assistant

Castella Gunn Lee~Honorary

Musicians Ministry

Rodney Dawson--Keyboardist

Tavantez Donaldson- Drummer

Willie Riley - Guitarist

Mt. Calvary Male Chorus (1st & 3rd Sunday)

Sylvester Green – President

Charlie Henry - Vice President


Mt. Calvary Senior Choir (2nd Sunday)

Katie Frye – President

Debra Burns - Vice President


Mt. Calvary Youth Choir (4th Sunday)


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